Costume Facts and Info

We use a wide variety of fabrics and trims to accomplish the costumes in Bethlehem. Our primary pattern source is Irene Corey Bibilical Costumes pattern set. The Biblical Costume Package is well worth the price. We have used the patterns for over 10 years and the options for making different costumes from simple to sew patterns is only limited by your imagination. By simply changing trims or reversing the placket you can make at least 100 costumes. When you vary the fabrics the possibilities are endless.

For more details and specifics, please email us at and we will be happy to give you the information needed to create your own costumes.


Please be in the Sanctuary by 6:15 p.m. We need to pray and to review safety rules for the evening's production prior to entering the city.

All members of the cast need to come prepared for cold weather.

We cannot provide hand-warmers for the entire cast.

Dress in several light, warm layers including extra socks.

Wear dark shoes or wrap shoes with dark felt or fabric.

We recommend wearing earth-tone solid sweatshirts and pants over your jackets and pants. If these show, it won't be as noticeable as a hot pink jacket sleeve stick out from under your costume. Parents, buy them 2-3 sizes larger than your child is currently wearing.

Stocking caps work well under headgear and help keep ears and head warmer. Knitted headbands work well, too.

There are not enough costumes to allow for complete individual choice. Please accept that the costume assistants will do their best to make you look "beautiful" for the time period.

Costume Pick up

Pick up your costume parts in the Fellowship Hall and THEN dress. Please allow the costume assistants to help you get into your costume. They know how the parts go together.

Roman Soldiers

Roman Soldiers need to arrive for dressing no later than 5:30 p.m. There are several parts to the costume and it takes time to get into them. Roman Soldiers may wear black or gray sweatpants under their costumes.


Shopkeepers are able to keep their costumes IF they are working a shop for more than one evening. At the end of the performances, all shopkeepers are responsible for washing and returning their costumes in a timely manner.

Special Characters-Nativity, Prophet, Rabbi, Roman Wife, etc.

These characters have more complex costumes and require additional time to put on and take off. Please be at the Fellowship Hall by 5:30 p.m. Also when you return your costume please put all the parts back on the hanger and in the labeled areas for headpieces and props.


Townspeople walk the city and their costumes are like those of the shopkeepers. If you are working consecutive nights you may keep your costume. Please wash and return the costume when you are through with it.