Generic lines:

Have you signed the census, yet?

Shalom, welcome weary traveler. Have you journeyed far?

Do not forget to pay your taxes.

I have seen the Roman soldiers carrying off those who refused to pay their taxes.

Beware of the Roman soldiers they are in a foul mood this night.

Keep your valuables and children close to you. There are rumors that the Romans sell small children to the Phoenicians as slaves.

I do not know the answer to that question. Perhaps the rabbi would know. He is in the synagogue and is a wise and learned man. Or maybe the scribe, he can read and write in four languages

Shop Specific Lines:

No room at the inn. Move along.

I just sent a young woman and her husband to the only place I had left, a stable outside the city where they could stay with the sheep and their donkey.

She was great with child and quite weary from the journey.